Unix - Unix grundkurs
(4 dagar )

Unix/Linux basic class

The purpose of this class is to teach the students the fundamentals in Linux/Unix. Participants will learn and the most common tasks and use Linux/Unix on their personal workstation, so that they can use this system for their daily work. The class is about 50% theory and 50% practical exercises.

Target & Target group
This class is designed for students with little or no Linux/UNIX knowledge or experience, who want to make a start with Linux.

On completion of this class, students should be able to:

  • Use Linux/Unix workstation for their daily work
  • Writing small shellscripts
  • Working with files and directories
  • Make daily backups of their home directory
  • Know the most common Unix commands
  • Basic use and X-Windows system

Required Experience
You need to be able to use an MS-Windows-based workstation command line experience is a plus or if you have used Digital VMS.

Class Content

  • The history of Unix and AIX
  • Using the system, login and logout plus roundtrip through Unix file tree
  • A tour through Unix, basic commands, where do I find what.
  • Shell basics, your shell enviroment. (KSH, BASH, SH)
  • Working with files and directories, moving copying files and folders commands, and tips.
  • Editing files with editor vi
  • Pipes and powerful search and data manipulating tools.
  • Working with processes, basic level find start and stop programs.
  • Unix documentation, manual pages and howtos plus FAQ, where do I find them.
  • Basic system configuration files the /etc folder
  • Connecting to the network, checkouts that I have connectivity
  • Unix utilities, lots of Unix practical commands
  • Working with Unix users and filesystem policies and rights.
  • The users environment
  • System startup and Shutdown
  • Backup and security procedures.
  • Printing


Chapter 1 Unix history and current position
Chapter 2 Basic file management
Chapter 3 Shell's introduktion
Chapter 4 Unix filesystem and directories
Chapter 5 Pipes, filters and streams
Chapter 6 Shells: Bash, Ksh, Sh
Chapter 7 Regular expressions
Chapter 8 Shell programmering
Chapter 9 System administration for users
Chapter 10 Communications toolkits
Chapter 11 X Window system


Users enviroment
Login and Logout
The terminal
Programs and built-in commands
Manual pages
Commands history
Alias and Functions
Environment variables and profile files
Login scripts
The home

File Management
Basic file management
Listing files and directories
Finding files in various ways
File attributes
File types and access rights
Copy files and directories
Moving files and directories
Links to files, hard and soft
Removing files
Files wildcards and regular experssions

Text editing and processing
Vi- editor
tail, head
sort, uniq, find
sed and awk
Standard input, Standard output, Standard error

Introduction to shell programming
Designing small shell scripts for comfort
Read keyboard inputs
Conditional program flow with if-then-elif-else-fi, case
Trapping signals
For and While Loops
Using sed and awk with shell scripts to get the little extra.

Basic administration for users
Changing access rights on files and directories
The root user
User names and groups
Adding and removing users
UNIX/AIX directory structures
Content of most common directories
The Unix kernel

Class material

Our own Linux/Unix documents)

English: Linux/Unix theory map plus powerpoint hardcopy.

English: Exercises with and without answers.

Recommended books

 Swedish: UNIX och X från början ISBN: 9144342926


English: Learning UNIX Operating System, 5th Edition ISBN: 0596002610


VI Editor Pocket Reference ISBN: 1565924975