Unix - RedHat Linux Power User

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RedHat Linux Power User

The purpose of this class is to teach the students how to install, configure and use Linux on their personal workstation, so that they can use this system for their daily work.
This class is designed for students with little or no Linux or UNIX knowledge or experience, who want to make a start with Linux.
You need to be able to use an MS-Windows-based workstation
On completion of this class, students should be able to:

  • Install and configure Linux on a workstation
  • Use Linux for their daily work


  • Installing Linux , practical exercise, student installs his/her linux redhat
  • Using the system, login and logout plus roundtour through linux file tree
  • A tour through Linux, basic commands, where do I find what.
  • Bash shell basics, your shell enviroment.
  • Working with files and directories, moving copying files and folders commands, and tips.
  • Editing files with editor vim (vi)
  • Pipes and powerful search and data manipulating tools.
  • Working with processes, basic level find start and stop programs.
  • Linux documentation, manual pages and howtos plus FAQ, where do I find them.
  • Basic system configuration files the /etc folder
  • Connecting to the network, checkouts that I have connectivity
  • Linux utilities, lots of linux practical commands
  • Working with linux users and filesystem policies and rights.

Class maps

For Swedish classes: UNIX och X från början ISBN: 9144342926

Official Red Hat Linux User's Guide ISBN: 0764549677