Unix - RedHat Admin kickstart
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Class description
IN RedHat Administrators Kickstart you will learn to install, run and maintain your RedHat Linux server.The class focuses on the essentials and does not explain into the deep, it just show howto do it in RedHat Linux.

Target group
Participator of this class is assumed to already be an experienced administrator or power user who want to quickly learn the RedHat Linux enviroment.

Class contents

  • Installation in general terms
  • RH9 Installation from CD
  • RH9 Installation from NETWORK
  • RH9 Automated installation
  • Managing users
  • Admin Tools and logging
  • System Startup & Shutdown
  • Installation of packages
  • Configuring TCP/IP
  • Setting up NTP

To the class there is a complete material distributed to each parcipitant on a CD and hardcopy

Official Red Hat Linux User's Guide ISBN: 0764549677

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