Unix - Linux Site Security

(4 days)

This class is a bit different than others, it has a massive theory block which goes into the deep in some subjects. Participants study various threats, cryptation and authentication methods and then implement them as practice. During the class participant will build and install vulnerable applications and then protect them, setup of a simple IDS and IPS system is during the classes.

Target group
Network administrators who administrates or is about to setup network services and need deeper knowledge in some subjects.

Knowledge entrance requirement

  • Have a working knowledge of the Linux environment and commands
  • Be able to edit files with vi or emacs
  • Understand file systems, directories, files and their security
  • Understand the TCP/IP protocol
  • Have a basic knowledge of general networking concepts
  • Minor knowledge in programming is a plus but not nessesary

Class content


  • Firewall Security
  • IP protocol security
  • Authentication
  • Cryptation
  • Signing
  • Checksums
  • Threats
  • System Security
  • IDS and IPS systems
  • Honey pot

Some vunable applications

  • Apache2 built from sourcecode
  • MySQL built from sourcecode
  • PHP5 built from sourcecode
  • Samba built from sourcecode
  • Swat built from sourcecode

Protection practise

  • Ssl signing certificates to allow ssl sessions in apache and elsewhere
  • OpenBSD Packet Filtering Bridge
  • Iptables linux firewall system
  • Snort real time network analysis
  • Squid cache server and proxy for content check and network acceleration
  • Muffin content control
  • Honeypot implementation
  • IDS + IPS implementation

Class documents

To the class there is a complete material distributed to each parcipitant on a CD and hardcopy.

The book Hacker Exsposed is higly recommended. Two other books is also of great interest:

Snort Cookbook and Spamassassin.

In addition we recommend the following books which have focus on the operating enviroment, but can be very helpful: Unix Power Tools Essential System Administration