Unix - Linux Netadmin SuSE & RedHat

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This is one of the finest classes we have, it gives the participates a solid platform to stand on with the most instruments and tools to manage and maintain their medium sized networks to large enterprise networks. The purpose of this course is to teach TCP/IP network configuration and administration including the skills necessary to begin implementing and using DHCP, electronic mail, DNS, NFS, LDAP and NTP.
Network administrators or other personnel responsible for the configuration, use, and support of TCP/IP and common network services, such as electronic mail, DHCP, DNS, NFS, LDAP and NTP on Linux.

  • Have a working knowledge of the Linux environment and commands
  • Be able to edit files with VI
  • Understand file systems, directories, files and their security
  • Understand the concept of mounting file systems
  • Have a basic knowledge of general networking concepts  


On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Configuring TCP/IP & common Services
  • Understanding TCPI/IP networking
  • MRTG network traffic plotting and snmp client & server
  • FTP server, stand alone and inetd dependent (vs.ftpd and proftpd) Passive and Active FTP
  • Berkeley tools R and S –family, rsync, rdist, scp, ssh, sftp
  • Mass deployment of applications and installations
  • DHCP Server and Client
  • DNS Server and Client, editing zonefiles
  • Master, Client, Stub and deligation, caching only plus shadow DNS
  • Domain key signing and e-mail countercheck
  • Secure DNS
  • NFS Server and Client, NFS automounter.
  • NFS security and variants
  • NFS troubleshooting
  • PXE boot for diskless clients and jumpstart installations, dhcp and tfpt server, pxelinux and wake on lan.
  • Setting up NTP
  • Mail Server and Client
  • Mailwashing with spamassassin, procmail and milter's
  • Mail DNSBL
  • Mail masquerading and virtual users and domains
  • Mail relaying and security
  • Rules du jour and beyond
  • News Server and Client
  • Configuring LDAP
  • LDIF files and migration tools
  • TLS and cryptated LDAP
  • Stunnels

To the class there is a complete material distributed to each parcipitant on a CD and hardcopy

In addition we recommend the following books:
Unix Power Tools
Essential System Administration


Agenda TCP/IP

Configuring TCP/IP and using mrtg
Network Troubleshooting and management
DHCP Server & Client
Övningar: rdist, dchp server, dhcpcd, ssh. Scp, rlogin
Tisdag DNS Server & Client
DNS troubleshooting
Domain signing for mail counterchecks
Network Installations
Diskless PXE boot's & installations
Övningar: named mandatory, master, slave, dyndns

Configure NFS Server & Client
Setting up NTP
Autofs/Auto-master and slave
Övningar: NFS server & Client, NTP

Mail & News server & client
Mailwashing with Spamassassin & Procmail
Milter-Greylist filter & POP/IMAP server
Amavisd viruscheck of e-mails
Övningar: Mailserver

Configuring LDAP
Using LDAP for centralized user and infrastructure management
LDAP and Samba
Övningar: LDAP, Samba